Avoid the Nightmare – Choosing a Reputable Mover

The act of moving itself is loaded with stress. The obvious answer is to get help. Friends and family are often the go-to source but in some cases, that’s not a solution. If your move is long-distance, for example, there may not be any friends and family at your destination. Learn more
Hiring a mover is a solution that’s not without challenges and problems of its own. You’ll be trusting this company with your belongings and spending money in an industry loaded with scam artists. Here are some steps to improve your chances for a trouble-free move. 
1. Get off the Internet – Yes, reputable companies have websites. However, moving scam artists do also. While you may not have any issues, most moving scam victims found their mover online.
2. Use the Phone Book – locate three movers who have been in business 10 years or more. Cross-reference these companies with the chamber of commerce and Better Business Bureau. If the companies are also recommended by friends, family and acquaintances, even better. Avoid moving brokers. Click here
3. Arrange in-home estimates –be suspicious of the mover who bids without seeing your home. Reputable movers do this as a matter of course. Ask if they will sub-contract your move and cross them off the list if the answer is anything but “no.” Get all of the company’s information, including DOT and MC license numbers.
4. Every mover is required by law to give you a “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” booklet, also available from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. If they do not, drop them from your list. 
5. Get back on the Internet – check out the companies providing estimates. Look up their DOT and MC license numbers online. 
Your ideal mover should become apparent as you complete each step of the search. A reputable mover will not resent you protecting yourself and will offer assistance so you are comfortable with your choice. Visit site